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Blog Assigment 4 Topic 3

April 24, 2013

One company I think is just horrible is AXE. This company persistantly tries to persuade people to buy their product using the ability to get more women to attract more attention from males. Other products in the same field such as BOD body spray do the same thing but they dont go so over board with it. In the AXE commercials of today, they highly over exaggerate this showing scenes where a guy sprays himself with the AXE spray and women came sticking to him like he was a magnet. Even though other commercials over exaggerate just as bad if not worse than the AXE company, I feel like their commercials and products are not aimed at one particular group of people. Old Spice, a competitor of AXE, has done a fantastic job of using this to their advantage and that is where they excel past the AXE company by a huge mark. Old Spice has become a sponsor of the NFL which is probably the biggest step they have made over the AXE company. Everyone in America knows the sport of football and almost every American citizen has seen some form of football being played, and most have seen at least one NFL football game in their lifetime. If it were up to me, I would have my company, in his case the AXE company, become a sponsor of the NBA which is the next big American sport under football. This way I would have a wide variety of people from men to boys, girls and women who know indirectly about my product through the watching of their favorite sport. Though I think AXE goes too far with their commercials and should change them immediately, they seem to work for the most part, therefore I would not change them. The one thing that would greatly help this company’s success as I explained before is definitely becoming sponsored by the NBA that way everyone knows about AXE and it would not only be for men, but for boys and I would also create a line for women. 

Deodorant Wars: Axe vs. Old Spice


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