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Blog Assignment 3

April 4, 2013

Blog Assignment 3

My choice of a social media to go a day without was my phone. After not feeling much of an impact of it, I decided to go a second day without it. The first day I went without it was mainly because I was putting my grades first because I wasn’t doing so well in two of my four classes. I had two D’s and I wasn’t going to settle for getting by with the bare minimum. I usually listen to music and text my girlfriend all day, even when I should be doing homework, and my grades showed the negative effects. On that first day I was mainly focused on doing homework in my accounting class and it took me a total of 5 hours to catch up on my work. I made a D on the first test and on the same day I caught up on homework, I had a test in the class and left out feeling like I made at least a B which encouraged me to go another day without my phone. 
     On that second day, the effects of not having my phone began to sink in and I was miserable. Having done all of my homework the previous day and no class that day, I was planning to workout all day but the weight room was closed. I then went to the locker room to retrieve my stick and play wall ball but the ball bag was in coach’s office and I learned that he was in a meeting and could not come and open it for me. I then realized that my plans for the day had been shot down and all of my teammates had class that day so I was all alone with nothing to do. 
     That day made me realize just how dependant I had become in my cell phone and it amazed me. I contemplated heavily on picking up my phone and texting my brains out, but after being so successful the day before I decided to do without it. After going through this, I learned that social media in certain forms is extremely influential on the world today. Cell phones have many advantages and disadvantages, but the two outweigh each other in my opinion. Cell phones are portable, readily available and with the new technological advancements, smartphones like the iPhone I have are considered mini laptops because of their web surfing capabilities. Even though cell phones have many advantages and allow students to do homework on them, there are disadvantages as well. Many beloved that the radiation from overuse of cell phones could be potentially harmful to one’s health. Also they are life consuming and costly and I can vouch for this because of the negative effects of putting a phone before my education and having paid my cell phone bill for the firs two months. Another big disadvantage that cell phones have is their history of causing texting and driving accidents which have taken many lives. Through all of their negativity, cell phones have become a big part of popular culture today and will continue to change to keep up with the changing world of today. 
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