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Unit 1 Blog Assignment

February 6, 2013

     The books of today go through a far more advanced editing procedure than in the past in the first step of the prices, the author creates the original story in itself and he/she sends it to an agent. That agent then scrambles through and picks through certain ideas in the store. the agent would then contact publishing houses and particular editors who would be interested in continuing the manuscript through the process of becoming an actual book. If all is well and the book is continued through the process, the agent represents the author in negotiating a contract with the particular editor or publishing house. With the material in hand, an editor does many things to make the work of the author into a book. They first evaluate the story and generate ideas, and also look at their sales potential. After the editor looks at it, the manuscript goes through a production staff who adds images and edits the format of the book to make it look more attractive to the public eye. Then it finally goes through a sales staff who markets the book by persuading individual booksellers and schools to carry the book. 

     One more step many people forget about is the censorship stage. Censorship in the media of today can be beneficial in many ways, but at the same time, it can be just as bad. one can only be hidden away from the reality of the world as it is today for so long until they start to realize what really goes on. When they realize this, that person may not know how to handle situations on their own and may find themselves lost in the world. In other words, i speak out against the overprotective parents in the world who constantly hide their children from what goes on in the real world. This can be potentially dangerous because they might not know how to cope with everyday life and be dependent on their parents who may not be able to aid them as they used to. Censorship has its values, but should not be so powerful as to ban particular books from the public. 


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